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prior to coming down with symptoms. How long before they stop spreading it? a) Two days b) Five days for an adult c) A month of Sundays d) Up to 10 days for a child e) B and D The answer is "E." That means that a family of five could theoretically be capable of spreading the flu for a biblical 40 days. The flu vaccine comes in two forms: a) "Spicy Cajun" and "Liver 'n Onions" b) Through a needle or through the nose c) Advanced Formula and Regular Strength d) Dead or Alive e) B and D The answer is again "E." The vaccine given as a shot contains virus that has been chopped up with a very tiny knife and rendered dead. As the Munchkin coroner said of the Wicked Witch,cheap retro jordans, "Not only is she merely dead, she's really most sincerely dead." The vaccine that comes as a nasal spray, Flumist,real cheap jordans retro, is fully alive. In fact, it must vigorously reproduce inside the vaccinated patient's nose in order to stimulate an adequate immune response. But no worry: The Flumist viral strains have been maimed, so that although they're alive,wholesale cheap jordans, they're incapable of causing the flu. Which of these groups is not eligible to get Flumist, the nasal vaccine? a) People with very tiny noses,www.onlineairjordan.com, or very hairy noses b) Ages 2-49 c) People with either asthma or significant medical problems d) People with allergies to steel needles being driven into their shoulder It's "C." Since the Flumist viral strain replicates in the nose,cheap jordans online, those who receive it will sometimes have a few

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