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knew that was going on.”

But Austin didn’t want to miss school, which would have meant missing that night’s game. “He played in the varsity basketball game that night and did really good,cheap jordan shoes,” Booth said.

“He was strong, healthy. We assumed he had an awesome immune system, so we didn’t worry.” He even felt well enough to go to school the next day, although the basketball coach sent Austin home from practice when he didn’t seem up to it.

Booth kept him home the next day. “By about 10 a.m. that Thursday he had coughed up some blood,” she said. She rushed him to the emergency room, and they airlifted him to the nearest big hospital in Grand Junction, Colo. But even then it didn’t seem dire.

“When my husband and I got there, the doctor there was saying, ‘maybe it’s not as bad as I thought,’ and that gave us hope,cheap jordans online,” Booth said.

Doctors used sedatives to put Austin into a medical coma and dosed him with “I don’t know how many antibiotics,” Booth said. A ventilator was helping

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